Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Carol update, Day 18, Feb 15

Carol could not get enough hugs today. The photo is our Laili with Carol. Carol does not look as happy in the photos as she was. Her facial muscles do not allow her to smile properly, and Carol is very exhausted. But every daughter had 2 turns in bed with Momma giving and getting hugs. I had my turn too :)
Carol was able to raise her left eyelid today on her own. She was thrilled. She cannot keep it raised yet but the muscle is building. Keep praying please!
Unfortunately, when I phoned Carol this morning she could not hear me. It was not until she put the phone to the other ear that we realized Carol cannot hear anything from her left ear. So, we were able to alert the Dr and see what can be done.
Hard to believe that just 20 days ago Carol did bootcamp and kickboxing and weights 3x a week plus daily home exercise. Now, it was a huge success today for Carol to stand at the sink and brush her teeth, and to sit at the edge of her bed and balance. 
On the homefront, I'm up at 5am and working on Sunday's sermon, the girls get up about 6ish, breakfast and Bible at 7am and then they play and dress while I have a short workout. Start homeschool at 8am sharp (as Carol always did) and we review all our subjects, then focus on Math and Reading and Science. Around 10am all the girls and I drive down to see Carol and I do French conversation in the car with Teah and Siena.  Then back after our visit and have lunch at home and then there is piano or children's Awana at church or music theory or more school or...
It is still a great blessing to receive dinners. (Thank you!) I love sitting around the table for dinner with my daughters. Lots of laughing and crude kid humor. Then flashlight tag or uno and bed at 7:30pm. Snuggles with each one takes us to after 8am. Then blog and sermon, then collapse.
Tomorrow morning the 3 therapists meet with Carol's Dr. for the first time and we will get their united assessment. Probably they will want Carol another week or so to stay in-patient rehab, since Carol will get the most therapy in that way (out-patient therapy has a max of 1 1/2 hours a day, but in-patient has a 3 hr max). Each therapist is very positive about Carol's recovery and daily increase in strength and mobility. Carol will probably call a halt sometime next week and insist on being home, I predict. 
For now, we are thankful to the Lord for ALL He has done for Carol, in our own family, and in our church family, Pastor Craig


Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord for these great things He has done!!!! I am so overjoyed for your family!! It would warm my heart for YOU to be in a picture with your sweetheart Pastor Craig... I love the way your love for her radiated through your posts!

Anonymous said...

Dear Craig, Carol and girls,
Prov. 20:12 "The hearing ear and the seeing eye, the LORD has made both of them." And He made you, Carol, so wonderfully. We are praying for your continued healing.
Love, Dave & Karen Bower family

Anonymous said...

Praise God for His mercy and great works. God is rewarding you for your early morning tiring jobs with your girls. Thankfully He is giving you the strength to do this C