Friday, February 10, 2012

Carol update, Day 13, Feb 10th

"You are our miracle patient," said the Doctor today to Carol. Yesterday Carol felt so weak that she said she needed to stay in the hospital a while. Today, Carol had energy and life and said: I'm ready to come home.
The dramatic improvement today was so exciting to see.  Carol walked around her room and can fend for herself (dressing and brushing teeth, orientation, etc, which are signs the Doctors look for before discharging a trauma patient from the hospital).
The Doctors said: You are progressing so fast, we cannot keep up with you, Carol.
Neurology has discharged Carol.  She is ready to leave tomorrow (!) except for insurance issues with ongoing Rehab. B/c tomorrow is Saturday we have to wait until Monday for Carol to be cleared by our insurance.  But, medically Carol is doing well enough to leave hospital!  Amazing.
Carol's left eyelid continues to be closed, and her left side of mouth does not properly work, so her speech is slurred. Occasionally there is slight confusion and Carol is not sure what is happening around her. But today we talked about homeschool issues and Carol wanted to know about the girls' schedule.  She is still the homeschool mom.
One praise: the music in her head has gotten quieter and Carol was able to sleep through the night.
So, it looks like Monday I will drop our girls off at their homeschool coop at our church, then go to the hospital and Lord willing bring Carol home in the afternoon.  Hospitals work slowly but that seems to be a reasonable expectation.  Then, we will begin outpatient speech and physical therapy for several hours a day until we have our Carol back with us.
Thank you all for standing with us through this crisis.  Most of the days I think: What hit us?  It came so quickly and traumatically. Warmly, Pastor Craig

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Marilee said...

Praising Him for this great news! It's my pleasure to continue to pray for Carol's total recovery. Be anxious for nothing!