Sunday, February 19, 2012

Carol Day 21, Saturday

The Mom in Carol is desperate to be home with her little ones.  But Carol's spirits were a little brighter today. Right away she lifted her left eyelid all the way up (a first!), though it would not stay up. Still, this was greatly encouraging to Carol.  And I was encouraged to feel some muscle in her legs for the first time.  The Therapists and Doctor keep saying Carol is doing well and this week should be rapid progression.  We are thankful to Jesus for never leaving Carol and for strengthening Carol's body and thankful for the therapists for their knowledge and encouragement.
However at this point, Carol still cannot stand at a sink and brush her teeth. Her legs give out.  Carol cannot sit in a wheelchair for 2 hours yet.  Her ab and back muscles are not strong enough.  But those are exercises she is working on daily.  Our goal is to have Carol home and using a wheelchair and walker.
On a chart in front of Carol's bed, written in large handwriting: Discharge day, this next Sunday! -Pastor Craig


Anonymous said...

Praying and missing you, Carol! Cannot wait for sweet fellowship with you again, my dear friend. I pray without ceasing, as well as hundreds (literally) of my family and friends who have never met you! Everyone wants to meet you, now. They know God has worked a miracle in your life, your family's and in all of the lives of your prayer warriors. For His glory, for His purposes. I love you so much,and stand with you Carol!! Auntie Debbie

Julie Smith said...

Carol and Craig -

While I do not know you, I am friends with Lisa Lalani. When Lisa first let me know of Carol's ER visit, coma, and hospitalization, I sent out your blogs to a group of friends and family for prayer covering. We have been frequenting heaven on your behalf, crying out for mercy, healing, and full restoration. Tonight, our children prayed for Carol at bedtime, as they often do. Our faith has been bolstered by seeing the miracles Jesus is doing in your life and in the lives of your family. We are so grateful for His incredible love for you and thankful to be praying with you and for you.

We love you as our family in Christ and cannot wait until we are together in eternity to hear additional details of the many miracles performed on your behalf. Thank you, Craig, for sharing Carol's updates on this Blog Site. It must be difficult both emotionally and physically to express your heart day in and day out in this forum. I am overjoyed at the work of the Lord in all of this!! : )

With much love and prayer support,

Julie Smith

Mark said...

Today's picture is my favorite of the recent ones. So good to see both of you, Craig and Carol relaxing in the gift of each other's love again. Am thanking God for the wonders He has wrought in your lives thus far - though as it has been for many, the adventures of experiencing God's wonders are often over a rough road but filled with His beautiful love! Much of my leg muscle was at one point atrophied where the right leg didn't look any thicker to me than my arm. God has been restoring that leg, though I still have plenty of issues to deal with, every time I touch or look at my new muscles I'm amazed at how God has designed us and works in our lives! I believe He will quickly and tenderly restore you dear sister Carol. Hugs in Jesus to you!
Mark M