Monday, February 20, 2012

Carol, Day 23

Carol can smile again, at least on the right side. Her eyes have a yellow ring around the pupil that is only present when she is happy. There was a yellow ring today :)  We love getting into bed with Carol and putting our arms around her and talking.  (Actually, I fell asleep on Carol's lap while the girls were sharing about their day at the beach--school holiday today!)
Many of your cards have come in the physical mail these past days and I've taken them to Carol. These have touched her deeply. Thank you.  We continue to be stunned by how God placed Carol so deeply on people's hearts for prayer. So many people have never met Carol but God's Holy Spirit used Carol's story to awaken many people's spiritual lives.  
Our role: struggle through a challenge.  God's role: glorify His Name and bring blessing to people.
Today a friend wrote a card to Carol letting us know that 4 people had placed their faith in Jesus through following Carol's story and miracle. 
I'm gathering courage to look at my blog from the first week so that I can incorporate it into a sermon on how God has been so real, personal, and loving through this trial, Pastor Craig

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