Thursday, March 29, 2012

Carol After One Month Home

Dear Friends,

I've been home 4 weeks now and can't believe how far I've come.  In February just to sit up and move my legs over the side of the bed was a major undertaking, and now I'm almost at the point of taking a walk around the neighborhood with our dog!  I'm not quite ready for kick-boxing yet - I think I would fall over if I did a high kick - but the Drs. are amazed at how strong I am already. 

Thank you all for praying for my left eye.  It's still not totally cooperating but the eyelid has lifted and the eyeball looks like it's gradually ambling towards the center (it is controlled by the 4th nerve).  Maybe that 4th optic nerve isn't dead just groggy! 

Craig preached a great sermon about this experience which he called, "Thanking God for the Thorns in Your Life."  My left ear is still deaf and it was so funny the other night:  Craig and I were watching a movie together and I could hear it clearly so I knew it had to be blasting.  "Turn it down to a good volume for you" I told Craig.  He inched it slightly up!  I then remembered that he has had a broken left eardrum ever since he was 10 and has almost no hearing in that ear.  The volume has probably always been too low for him.  The thorn of my deaf ear was a rose for him!  We sat there like two geriatrics with the TV blaring, both as happy as anything.  Thank you Lord!

Another praise is my balance is improving.  As many of you know, I'm English, and so I drink a lot of scalding tea.  When I first came home I was so wobbly I couldn't carry a cup of tea without danger of spilling it, so Teah and Siena would carry it for me.  Now I can sail from kitchen to armchair without spilling a drop - an essential daily accomplishment for a Brit!

It is great to be home with my family.  The girls are doing wonderfully, Craig is fabulous, and you all have so blessed and encouraged us along the way we can't stop thanking God for you.  With much love, Carol