Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Carol, Day 25

Carol was overwhelmed by the amount of cards she received. I left them unopened so that she could enjoy them tonight. 
Before we left, I asked Carol if we could take a photo of her showing some of her improvement and Carol said: Let's stand up! 
I just got off the phone with Carol this evening and her speech is really improving. Carol cannot form a "b" or "p" sound since the coma but tonight there was a good advancement.
One of Carol's Occupational Therapies yesterday was reaching up into a cupboard and taking down spice and herb bottles, getting the muscles adjusted to cooking practice.
Another was getting laundry out of a dryer. She had to reach in the dryer, grab a towel, fold it and place it on a table.  Carol said: Why do I need to practice this? This is my husband's job!  :) 
While I snuggled with Sofie tonight, our little 7 year old Sofie was processing Momma coming home.  Sofie asked me: Is Momma going to sleep upstairs?  Yes.  Is Momma going to sleep in her bed?  Yes.  Is Momma going to sleep in the bed with Daddy?  Yes.  Momma and Daddy sleeping in the bed upstairs? Yes.  Good.  
How precious.   Thank you for your continued prayers, financial support, encouragement, dinners, love, Pastor Craig


Anonymous said...

We continue to rejoice with Carol's strength and progress during this recovery. Our big, awesome God still amazes me everyday! I stand in awe.

It is so good to hear of Carol's emotional state as well. So good to know that she is laughing.

We continue to pray for your entire family, for unity, for endurance, for joy and for a happy homecoming!

Love, The Campbells

Ann Bellafaire said...

Thank you so much for these daily updates- it brings us such joy to read about each little improvement every day. It is wonderful to see Carol's smile again & great to hear her sense of humor! Cannot wait to see you Carol.:)

White Family said...

We continue to come to the blog daily! I get so emotional every time I see Carol and your beautiful family. God is good!
(I love the laundry comment! Too cute!)
Love Always,
Anna White (& family of course)

Anonymous said...

Craig, you are so prayed for and so appreciated, as each of us have prayed through this valley and mountain top emotional experience with you and for you! Thank you for taking the time to continue to post! It's a lot to do! But it is keeping all of us, who so dearly love Carol, "tuned in" and praying and rejoicing with you! And it's keeping all those who don't know Carol, "tuned in", praying and rejoicing with you!! This blog has served so many in ways we may never know! It is the most fascinating example of a miracle that I, and many others have experienced in our life time! It is a faith builder, stretcher and encourager! We have seen the glory of God in our midst! Thank you, thank you for your faithfulness to allow us to experience it with you and your amazing family! Love you all dearly and so very much!! Auntie Debbie

Marie said...

Praise God! We love you and are praying!

Rob Foster said...

Hi Poston family! Thank you Craig for taking the time each day to post these pictures and updates. You have so much to do (like folding laundry ha ha!) yet you set aside time to bless us with the latest news. Very kind and thoughtful. As I drive through the neighborhood each day I think about Carol and the girls, and know that one day I'll see them again, all out on a walk with Cedar like I have so many times before. Believe me, when that day comes I'll shout for joy!

Durling said...

Dear Sweet Carol,
We are so thankful that everyone alongside Pastor Craig literally cried out with tears, prayer and fasting and Our God responded and awakened you to be a living testimony of His Great power and compassion-He who began a good work will be faithful to complete it sweet sister! By the way I spent Friday with your girls and they were joyful and loving to all in their path- the Lord has been their Helper and it is evident.
Looking forward to good news each day,
The Durling Family

Ryan Bates said...

Poston family, saw this on Air 1's website tonight and thought of you all:

Thank you so much for keeping the updates coming. It's a huge encouragement for so many to follow Carol's improvements.


Ryan Bates said...

Ok, maybe this will link: