Sunday, February 12, 2012

Carol update, Day 15

Carol was sleeping when we came in today after church, but she quickly came alive when we woke her. She was very excited to have had her first hairwash in 15 days this morning. Looking very cute. Carol was very chatty today, talking about her transition out of hospital, which she is eager to do. 
We did decide, on the counsel on many friends who are knowledgeable, that Carol should go to an inpatient rehab for a few days starting tomorrow (Monday). She needs 3 therapies (Physical, Speech, Occupational) which can be found at this one center in San Diego.  And Carol needs to continue to rest.  At home, I fear our girls will be too noisy and that Carol will want to be homeschooling, rather than resting.
So, tomorrow starts another adventure with rehabilitation. Carol gains strength each day and is noticably more herself. In fact, her left eyelid was halfway up today! A partial answer to prayer. So, Carol continues healing from her severe trauma and we begin the happy thought of having our home with Carol back with us, Pastor Craig 


nancy sloan said...

Dear Pastor Craig,
Our hearts are full of joy for you and your family. It is so exciting to hear from you and know that Carol gets better every day. Our God is so gracious. His love so perfect. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

nancy sloan

Ann Bellafaire said...

Sunday was such a GLORIOUS day rejoicing with our Church family for what God has done with Carol!!! We are all so excited & awestruck with His works!

Naomi Putnam said...

We are so full of praise! We had a joyful time at prison fellowship last night just praising our amazing God for all He has done and is doing in Carol. He is so good!

Anonymous said...

Am so excited to hear of Carol's progress and all the Lord is doing in His healing of her. Please give Carol my love. Am continuing to pray for her and your family.
Christy Edge