Monday, February 13, 2012

Carol update, Day 16

Well, it took all day but Carol was  finally transported from Hospital to the San Diego Rehab facility. She had to go by ambulance for insurance issues.  Carol was REALLY ready to go b/c she is ready to start working on rehab and getting back home.  Thankfully my wife is not only beautiful but she is disciplined.  She ate a ton of food today and I asked if she were hungry.  Carol said: No, I'm not hungry. I'm trying to get my strength back, so I'm forcing myself to eat.  The rehab people will love working with Carol :)  Our insurance helps cover 5 days, so that is what we will start with.
One of Carol's concerns was the expenses, of course, for the ICU, etc.  So, I manned up and asked finance what our hospital bill is up to today.  $390,000. Even the finance person said: That's a big bill.  I didn't cry or faint but just sent a prayer to the Lord.  Our insurance deductible is about $9000 for family and then we pay 30% of total bill.  Good news though: we pay on the "contracted" rate (which is unknown but less than the hospital bill).  Bad news: they do not work with us any further than providing the "contracted rate".
I told Carol that God in His good Sovereignty allowed you to go into this terrible infection and coma.  And God in His merciful Sovereignty woke you up from your coma.  So, we can trust God in His caring Sovereignty to help us financially.
ON THE HOME FRONT. While the girls were at the Homeschool coop at church (Classical Conversations) and I was at the hospital with Carol, an entire army of servants came to our home and redid our entire home: (xtreme yardwork, fence work, planted my delightful garden with new plants, trimmed rose bushes and made the yard shine!  And inside they cleaned a years' worth of accumulation (ever since we adopted our other 3, we have prioritized them and ministry and our home suffered in tidiness.  But with this crew working today, our home looks better than when we moved in (and it is shining with love). And Rick Peterson worked so patiently for days repainting our front doors! Thank you to EVERYONE. We are so very blessed. Can't wait for Carol to see this.
My heart continues its happy beat as I think of how God has stood right there with us and continues to.  Crisis is difficult, but for those who have a personal relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ, there is a very real peace and presence of God that is most precious. -Pastor Craig
  Ps 41:1Blessed is she who has regard for the weak; the LORD delivers her in times of trouble...The LORD will sustain her on her sickbed and restore her from her bed of illness.


Anonymous said...

Every hospital has a financial counselor that can help u apply for different kinds of financial help including writing some or all off as charity. This is based on many things including income and your assets. And if they don't help you can go to the supervisor or even CFO. Things get written off ALL the time you just need to pursue it! In Christs Love, Sue in Fallbrook

Anonymous said...

In 1989 my husband broke his neck and accumulated a bill. He asked if they would waive his portion of the bill and they did. Then when he went to rehab and accumulated another big bill, he told them the hospital waived his bill and wondered if they would do the same. They did. Now I am reminded about how big our God is and I think of how He is glorifying Himself in this circumstance. What is that scripture that says, "Ask?" I trust God will provide and will meet all your needs accordingly. To God be the glory!!! Peace be with you and your family. I stand in awe.