Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Carol Home Day 3, final blog

Hello dear friends, this is Carol writing.  I am so incredibly humbled by how many people have been praying for us throughout this ordeal.  We have felt surrounded by God's love and by the love of our church family, both local and far-flung.  Thank you all for lifting us up, and for all the encouragement you have given us.  I have loved receiving your letters and your notes and blog comments.
God's hand has been so evident in this trial.  When I awoke from the coma, I was certain I was dying.  All my many doctors call me the miracle patient, and when I went to my family doctor today for a check up he told me I was a celebrity at his practice for having survived such a packet of illnesses.  Thank you, Lord, for your gracious healing, and thank you, friends, for caring enough to pray for me!
I am still fragile and fatigued, but it is wonderful to be home and I do feel a few muscle cells growing again in my arms and legs.  Maybe in a few months I'll be able to do a push-up again!
I don't have enough words to describe the gratitude I have for how you have all sustained us these last weeks.  I hope you can hear my heart in my words.
Our days are numbered and in the caring Sovereignty of God Himself. How well I know this. Being offered more days to live, I cannot live for myself.  All that I (we) do must be done for the Glory of the Lord Jesus.  Colossians 3:17  And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.
With love, Carol


Fitzpatrick Family said...

weeping again! oh how i have missed your "voice" sweet friend. i can "hear" your heart in these word. your last line, " i cannot live for myself" made me chuckle. you have and will continue to be an exemplary model of a gal sold-out for Christ and selflessly serving our Daddy. you amaze me. God awes me. this story is beautiful. thanks for allowing us all the opportunity to read about it here. i absolutely cannot wait to see you. love the jump shot photo! fun! i am astounded that you are jumping! our God is great! you are brave. bless you!

Patrick and Lisa Ready said...

Carol it is so wonderful to hear your voice we love you.so thankful for your recovery.

dilyma said...

Dearest Carol, so many tears and so many prayers... Your story has touched, and changed, the hearts of countless people. Including mine. I hope to sit and chat with you soon. Until then, know that I love you so very much. Keep leaping and smiling your beautiful smile!! Diana

Naomi Putnam said...

Carol! I am so delighted to read your post! We serve an awesome God & I am so thankful He is restoring you daily! Praying for your continuing recovery & can't wait to see you back at church! Love you!

Teresa Brown said...


Our family is friends with Greg and Teresa Johnson. We live in Ohio, but have been keeping up with all that God has been doing in your life!

I am honored to "know" you all and inspired by your perseverance, faith, honesty and the amazing testimony you have!

I still get chills when I think about two of your girls receiving Christ as a result of this trial! May their faith remain steadfast through any storm, since it had it's beginning in the midst of a major one!

May you continue to be strengthened physically, and may you always sense God's nearness to you!


Marilee said...

Carol, my heart soars as my eyes gaze upon such jumping-for-joy children with their mom!

Though I've never met you, it was wonderful to hear you speak through your fingers. We have heard Craig's account of this miraculous journey, but to hear from you will be even more amazing.

I hope you will have time to keep the blog going when you have a free moment, or should the Lord move upon your heart. I will so miss your updates and pictures.

Thanking the Lord for magnifying Himself through your life and your lovely family so that all may know that He indeed is alive!

Abiding in Him,

Terrie said...

Hi Carol and family,
I have been following and praying for you since hearing about it through Facebook. Truly amazing. I have enjoyed reading about your improvements everyday, and I am happy/sad that the blog has come to an end. You have a beautiful family.

Kim said...

Carol and family,
Thank you for allowing us to go on this journey w/ you, tears and all.
It has helped to see God moving in such an awesome way. especially in valley times. Thank you again and may Gods hand continue to be upon you all.
God bless xoxo
Kim Cannon

Anonymous said...

Dear carol,

We are rejoicing along with many others! You are a constant reminder that God is in charge of our days and our hope. We will continue to pray for your strength and healing.

With His love,
John, lisa, danica & gio flores

FallingBeej said...

I would like to add my request to Marilee's that you continue to blog for at least awhile, perhaps once a week ir even once a month as we get further from the crisis. This would allow those of us who know you tangentially (or not personally at all) to continue to follow your story and to see God's complete healing (without resorting to what may feel like gossip by asking friends). Perhaps a change to the blog sub-title would help it feel more relevant, something like "a place to post the latest updates as God continues to work His miracle in Carol Poston."

White Family said...

Dear Carol

How sweet to "hear" from you! We've enjoyed not only following you daily but praying along the way. We are so excited to year of God working in your daughters hearts through all of this. He's been doing the same in our home as well! You look great and we know so happy to be home!

With Love,
The White Family

S Chambers said...

Dearest Carol and Family,
Words cannot express what a privilege it has been for us to be on this incredibly difficult and yet wonderful journey with you, Craig and your girls. We Love You All so much and feel so connected to your family even though we haven't been in touch in several years! My 12 year old daughter, Brittany, asked about you constantly and we were on our knees as a family seeking the Father. We are praying for complte healing. We are on our way to San Diego this weekend for Spring Break. We were talking about you and Craig in hopes to see you even before you got sick. We are so excited and will see if it works out for you guys for us to bring some Texas Hugs your way! This blog has been amazing in letting us all be apart of your journey and God has spoken mightily through your faith and your lives! Hope to see you soon!

L Chavez said...

So thankful to our Lord for your healing and recovery! I look forward to seeing your beautiful smile once again! Continuing to uplift you in my prayers.

vanessa Bates said...

I have never met you but feel as if I have known you forever. How awesome to have you write a post on your blog! Praise God! Praise God! Praise God! What a journey you have been through! What a testimony to share to the world! So many lives have been touched by what you have gone through. I found myself telling everyone even people I didn't know about you. God is so good. You and your family are still in our prayers for your complete healing. I have mentioned to Michele that I would love to bless you when you are ready, with Personal Training. I am a certified personal trainer and a friend of Theresa Ohler. Never Ever Give Up and know that with God ALL things are possible! Praising God! Much love, Vanessa Bates

Anonymous said...

Carol, I just wanted you to know that I have been and will continue to pray for you and your recovery. I don't know you (I too heard about your ordeal through Facebook) but I have been praying for you since about day 6 of the blog. So thankful for your miraculous recovery and praising God for His faithfulness! Thank you to you and your family for sharing your story. My faith has been strengthened because of it!

Jenn Lyons from Colorado

Shirley Putnam said...

Thanks be to God for His gracious blessings in restoring Carol, and in 2 precious girls (and others!) being
welcomed into His Kingdom! (Psalm 67) Thanks to our sweet Carol and wonderful Pastor Craig for allowing us to go through this with you; especially in how God increased our faith, and how He turned our mourning into joy! Your last several notes and photos are soooo glorious! We love you, the Putnam family

Anonymous said...

We are blessed to see such an amazing miracle. God is AWESOME! Can't wait to have you back at CC!
The Apprentice Class

Sallyevly said...

Dearest Carol, so many tears and so many prayers... Your story has touched, and changed, the hearts of countless people. Including mine. I hope to sit and chat with you soon. Until then, know that I love you so very much. Keep leaping and smiling your beautiful smile!! Diana