Saturday, February 11, 2012

Carol update, day 14

Carol's spirits were low today. She said she was discouraged b/c her left eyelid still will not lift and her speech is slurred b/c of her paralysis on the left part of her mouth.
But, the girls and I encouraged her and told her how we love her. I kissed Carol repeatedly and told her how beautiful she is.
This morning with the physical therapist Carol used a walker and scooted around her hospital room.  She gets exhausted quickly and after our 1 1/2 hour visit (interrupted 3x by the nurse, case manager, and a hospital dietician) Carol was ready for us to go so that she could sleep.  The music in her mind is softer today but still present.  But Carol continues eating well.
We are still scheduled for her departure from hospital Monday and are will determine then if Carol goes to inpatient rehab for a few days in San Diego (Sharp Rehab) or comes home and then I take her to outpatient rehab in Temecula.  I would appreciate your prayers for wisdom regarding that decision. Warmly, Pastor Craig


Anonymous said...

God is so good and amazing. To encourage you and Carol I have a friend that was a nurse and is a prayer warrior. She actually told me yesterday to encourage you and Carol. She said to tell not to be discouraged about the left side of her mouth and her eye. That even with physical therapy it would take time for her body to completely heal. So not to be concerned even it if months into therapy it is not gone. I think she said even if it is a year her body can still be healing. Hope this is encouraging. We are praying for a quick recovery rather than a long one though! Love you guys
Tracy and Brian Gaffner

dilyma said...

Praying continually for a full and speedy recovery. She is beautiful and bless you, pastor, for telling her repeatedly. It has been such an emotional time for you, and for those of us who love you, as we wait for updates, as we pray through the long night hours with you and for you, as we long for the return of this precious lady. May our gracious God encourage her and continue to breathe His everlasting love into her life.
Much love,

Anonymous said...

You might think about aquatic physical therapy also. They have a pool at Rancho Physical Therapy in Fallbrook and Murrieta. I've known a lot a patients that felt the warm water helped them greatly!
Praying for u in Fallbrook

Adella Santo said...

Please pass on to Carol that I experienced bell's palsy about 5 years ago. The left side of my face was completely paralyzed. My left eye would not open and the left side of my mouth turned down. This lasted for 6 weeks with my nerves finally healing slowly. I had complete recovery in about 3 or 4 months. I know bell's palsy is slight compared to what Carol has gone through but my nerves shut down and did heal. I just want her to know that it is possible. It just takes time. It was a sweet time between my husband and I. Every night he would have to "dress" my eye with special moisture gel and tape it shut so I wouldn't hurt my cornea. I woke up every morning a pirate! The kids loved it. I have a few little helpful tidbits to share when the time is right. Do make sure though that you are taping the eye closed at night and putting in drops during the day. They've probably (hopefully) told you that. Love you all and am still smiling and dancing for joy that my sweet friend is here with us :O

Anonymous said...

Craig praise the Lord that HIs will be done that Carol is alive. Like Adella mentioned the Bells Palsy can be an annoyance that we have experience in our family too. I pray that the gruelling drive of visiting Carol wasn't too much on the girls. We are rejoicing in Gods miracolous healing of our dear sister.:)

Marilee said...

Carol has made Huge strides towards recovery. Be patient & be not anxious about tomorrow for tomorrow may never come. HE could come instead & take us home with Him Eternally!