Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Carol update, Tuesday eve

Hi All, thank you for the hundreds of emails and texts and calls we have received supporting Carol and our family in prayer and fasting.
To help me with the overwhelming amount of calls and emails and facebook, Katie Eisemann set up a blog that I will post to and you may comment on please. http://carolposton.blogspot.com/
* For those in our area, our Rainbow Church deaconness Alice Uhler is coordinating meals. Please contact her (aliceuhler@gmail.com, cell 951.704.2352).
I am sorting out life with our 5 daughters and their needs. Thank you for your prayers for their emotions and peace as we walk through this as a family who trusts Jesus with our daily lives.  B/c of the infectious disease, children under 14 are not permitted, so the last the girls saw of their mother was me rushing in the car to the ER and Carol screaming in pain.  It was terrible.    (for those who will see our daughters, please be sensititive and not talk details. A simple "I'm sorry for what you all are going through" rather than specifics to them, I would appreciate).
At this point, b/c of the intensive care in ICU, it is not a good time for visitors yet.
So, another emotionally wrenching day today seeing Carol her state. Nothing has changed.
I asked the Dr. directly: is this a critical life and death issue or critical regarding Brain functioning.
He said: Carol is in life and death critical period.  We do not know how this will turn out.  Carol is in the deepest part of the valley.
The Dr. says that Carol is in a coma (non-permanent) and the bacteria has infected her brain stem, thus shutting the brain down. No swelling issues in the brain; it is an infection issue. 
It struck me this morning that about 12 years ago I was in a life and  death situation: malaria got me, my temperature raised to 107 and I was in a Dallas ICU packed in ice.  No one knew if I would make it.
Last year exactly this time we were in Children's Hospital with our daughter Laili.  She was not breathing from complications of their train accident in the Philippines the month before we adopted them. A year ago Laili was in a life and death situation.  This situation now is stirring memories of our daughter's car/train accident and hospital.
God continues to hold our family in His strong and sure grip.   Thank you everyone for your love for us. Please keep praying.
The Dr keeps saying, bacterial meningitus is extremely rare.  20 years since one dr saw a case. The Infectious Disease Dr told me today that someone of Carol's age and health never has this issue. "This never happens."
So, this is a Divinely given issue of which God is Sovereignly controlling. I trust God regardless of how things develop.  But I could only hold Carol's hand today and weep, "God have mercy please. God have mercy please." I told Carol she is my wife and I love her and want her with me.  We do know Jesus is with us and with Carol.
When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than me...I will trust in the shelter of God's wings (Psalm 61:2-4). -Pastor Craig


David Bolt said...

I've been praying for you guys like crazy! Craig, thanks so much for the update.

Jonnie, Keith and Branden Flanagan said...

Dearest Craig: You, Carol, your daughters, all of her family...are being prayed for everywhere. A neighbor of mine, Marilyn P. has put Carol on a few prayer chains in her Fallbrook group. A pastor friend of ours that coached Branden at Linfield has offered up incessant prayer as well. I know I am not alone when I tell you that we are all so saddened, shocked and emotionally moved by your updates. We are all here for you, whatever you need.

irene phillips said...

local neighbor here of the 76 exit...heard about your wife from friends...praying for the Lord's divine hand to uphold you and your family.

Kylie said...

Praying for Carol, you, and your family Craig! May God give you all strength and perseverance through this time of need.

Richi Kyser said...

Craig and Carol, you are being covered in prayer from Frisco Texas. I was so saddened to hear of Carol's situation. Praying for divine healing from our Heavenly Father. Seeing your beautiful family and knowing how you two are affecting those around you blesses me. I pray that your family can continue to be a beacon to all you come in contact with. Much love and prayers, Richi Kyser

Anonymous said...

Please know that You, Carol and your sweet family are in our prayers. There are times in our lives when we hold onto God with everything we have and then there are times where we have to let Him hold onto us! He will carry you!
Love you guys!
Brian and Tracy Gaffner and family

Anonymous said...

Guy & I are praying for Carol, you, and your family. So sorry for what you all are going through. =( Expecting good things!


White Family said...

We are and will continue to pray.
Love- Garrett & Anna White

Stratton Family said...

Just a note there are a lot of websites out there like this one, http://www.carecalendar.org/ that are extremely helpful in coordinating meals or even keeping people updated on events etc.
A friend of mine who is currently fighting cnacer uses this one and its great. They coordinate not only meals but people to come over to help with house cleaning, child care etc. http://www.lotsahelpinghands.com/

Susan said...

via text to my brother in law: "nothing's changed" @ 2p.m. Wed.

Anonymous said...

Praying for complete healing for your precious wife and peace for your darling daughters!!